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Advancement of Enterprise Services

Should I buy the business or not?

Buying a small business is very risky! For every viable small business that is for sale, there are 25 that are not good investments. Sometimes purchasing someone else's headache can be a win, but many times not. How do you determine this. You partner with us to help you determine the viability. Promise, we can make the difference between a successful purchase and a loss of capital.

Finance & Accounting

If your busy running a business you really don't have time for managing the minutia. We can provide strategic financial and accounting management that will not only keep you up to date on your taxes, but give you insights into the direction and decisions you need to make.

Moving to the next level is not just about investment, but where and when. We know how to move you from your plateaued state up to the next level.

Employee Issues

Do you need someone to fill the gap today? Do you need a contract resource for a fixed amount of time? Or do you need help in finding the right person for the position? We try to work with your needs for today or the future. 

We can cover Finance & accounting, Retail, Operations, Project, & IT.